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Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts

    Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts

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    Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts

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    SKU# SHCompressShort
    Provide comforting deep pressure simply with our comfortable Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts. Easy to use and made of cooling Neoprene, these short can improve body awareness and help reduce response to stimuli.

  • Made from Neoprene
  • Breathable, latex-free material
  • Adjustable to fit as needed

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    The Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts are made from perforated Neoprene that can provide deep pressure to the body evenly which can improve body awareness, attention and focus, and can help reduce response to stimuli. Featuring closures on the front and sides and made of breathable, latex-free material, Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts fit the wearer with a comforting snugness that also help maintain a comfortable body temperature.

    Vests come in one of three colors based on size: Small - Blue, Medium - Green, Large - Black.

    To use: place the shorts on the wearer and fasten all the closures. Then, adjust the amount of overlap of the side closures to adjust the amount of pressure the wearer will experience. When adjusted properly, you should be able to pinch the fabric and pull it slightly away from the wearer's body. If that proves to be difficult, it may be adjusted too tightly. If you can pull the fabric away from the wearer's body easily, you may need to adjust the top a little tighter. The sensory shorts also features a front closure for the wearers to adjust the amount of pressure.

    SKU# SHCompressShort


    Sensory Hugs Compression Shorts Specifications

    Item Name Item # Size
    Sensory Shorts Toddler Small E15977 Waist 20" - 21", Hip 18" - 20"
    Sensory Shorts Toddler Medium E15976 Waist 21" - 21.5", Hip 24" -25"
    Sensory Shorts Toddler Large E15975 Waist 22" - 23.5" , Hip 26" - 28"
    Sensory Shorts Child Small E15974 Waist 22" - 23", Hip 30.5" - 32.5"
    Sensory Shorts Child Medium E15973 Waist 23" - 24", Hip 32.5" - 33.5"
    Sensory Shorts Child Large E15972 Waist 24" - 25" , Hip 33.5" - 34.5"
    Sensory Shorts Adult Small E15971 Waist 25" - 26.5" , Hip 34.5" - 36"
    Sensory Shorts Adult Medium E15970 Waist 28" - 30" , Hip 38" - 40"
    Sensory Shorts Adult Large E15969 Waist 28" - 30" , Hip 38" - 40"
    Sensory Shorts Adult X-Large E15968 Waist 30" - 32" , Hip 40" - 42"
    Sensory Shorts Adult XX-Large E15967 Waist 32" - 34", Hip 42" - 44"



    • Made from Neoprene

    • Breathable, latex-free material

    • Adjustable to fit as needed


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