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Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets

    Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets

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    Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets

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    Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets can be used as adaptive tools during quiet rest time at school, home or clinic. Ideal for children who experience difficulty sleeping, especially autistic children.



    Through the use of deep pressure, our Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets aid in providing proprioceptive feedback and enhance sensory integration while relaxing the body and the central nervous system. These weighted blankets can be used as adaptive tools during quiet rest time at school, home or clinic. Ideal for children who experience difficulty sleeping, especially autistic children.

    Our weighted blankets feature weight pockets that run the width of the blanket, allowing weights to be securely inserted between 2 layers of batting.

    Weights are enclosed through dozens of evenly distributed pockets throughout the blankets using weighted polypropylene pellets.

    Blankets are unscented, hand washable and non-microwavable. Fabric types vary by print as follows:

    • Pink - Soft poly-blend top, 100% flannel bottom
    • Navy - Microfleece top, 100% cotton bottom
    • Zoo - 100% cotton top, 100% flannel bottom
    • Turtle - 100% cotton top, 100% flannel bottom

     WARNING - Not recommended for use on children under 2 years.

    ** Disclaimer** These blankets should be used with direction or advice of a therapist, and should only be used while under adult supervision.

    SKU# E-SHWeightedBlanket


    Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets Specifications

    X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
      Key User Chart:
    Use this chart to assist in determining what weight blanket to order under each blanket size.
    Blanket size 30" x 40" 36" x 48" 42" x 56" 41" x 60" 56" x 76"
    Weight Pack
    5 lbs. 5lbs. 7lbs. 15lbs. 25lbs.

    Fabric Specifications:

    • Pink - Soft poly-blend top, 100% flannel bottom
    • Navy - Microfleece top, 100% cotton bottom
    • Zoo - 100% cotton top, 100% flannel bottom
    • Turtle - 100% cotton top, 100% flannel bottom

    Additional Information

     Frequently Asked Questions:

    How does a weighted blanket work?
    Many children have immature nervous systems or excessively high energy levels, making it difficult for them to settle their bodies down and go to sleep. The deep pressure of a weighted blanket allows the child’s nervous system to better integrate touch, movement, position, and pressure.  The result is the child's ability to calm down easier.
    How does a weighted blanket do this?
    Our Sensory Hugs Washable Weighted Blankets have several advantages over other weighted blankets.
    1. Our weighted blankets have dozens of self-enclosed pockets of polypropylene pellets.  These pellets are very small and comfortable and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket.  The blanket drapes evenly and comfortably over the child's body, feeling like one big hug. 
    2. The combination of a cotton outer flannel and a lightweight inner-lining produces a thinner, softer weighted blanket that can be used all year round.  Most other weighted blankets are made of fleece or other heavier fabric that become hot, sticky, and sweaty in warm months. The fabric of the weighted is breathable. 
    3. Each size of weighted blanket comes in different weights so that your child will have just the right blanket for him or her.  Refer to our Specifications tab for sizing and weight recommendations.
    What children benefit from a weighted blanket?
    Any child that enjoys added weight on them when they rest or when sleeping at night, as well as children who have a hard time calming down, can benefit from a weighted blanket.   Also, children with Attention Deficit Disorder, autism, and sensory processing disorder often use weighted blankets.
    Why do children use weighted vests?
    Weighted vests work under the same principle as weighted blankets - the weight gives added input to the nervous system and reduces the child's craving for other input, such as wiggling in their seat, touching others, or  taking in visual input by focusing on other things in the room.  Some children only need vests while sitting and focusing, such as at group time.  Others benefit from it throughout the day.  They should be removed at nap time and bedtime.  Some children benefit the most by wearing their vest for 20-30 minutes, then removing it for 20 - 30 minutes.

    What is sensory processing disorder?
    Sensory Processing Disorder is a term used to describe the inability to efficiently and correctly process sensory information coming to the brain from the environment, including sound, touch, body position, sight, smell, and movement.  Children with sensory processing disorder often benefit from a weighted blanket to organize and process sensory input so that they are less restless and fidgety. 
    Are the weighted blankets washable?
    Yes. They can be washed by hand with a mild detergent.  Blankets should drip dry.  Do not wash or dry in a machine or iron.

    Are the weights removable from the weighted blanket?
    No, the weights are evenly distributed throughout the blankets and are stitched in. 
    What age child can benefit from your products?
    Any child over the age of two can use a weighted blanket. However, it is important to follow the weight guidelines, especially for young children.  It is not recommended that children under 2 use a weighted blanket. Children 3 and over can use a weighted vest.
    When can my child use their weighted blanket?
    Children can use their blanket while they relax during the day or to sleep at night or nap time.   Sometimes parents hear from their child’s daycare or preschool teacher that their child has trouble at nap time.  Many schools and day cares use our washable weighted blankets to help these children.  Another difficult time for children is in the evening.  Snuggling in a weighted blanket to read a book, play a game, or watch TV greatly calms down excess energy. And night time is often the most difficult time for children because they are wound up, but tired.  Weighted blankets have an amazing ability to immediately calm children so that they can sleep.
    How do children usually feel about using a blanket, vest, or lap bag?
    We have found, almost without exception, that children feel special in a good way when getting to use our products.  They are comfortable and cute, and often the other children in the family or classroom want them as well.

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    This is a fantastic product. The material on the outside is soft. The blanket has pellets on the inside that are comforting to touch. The company emailed me to let me know that the blanket would be shipped and there would be a tracking number. This was fantastic because I had ordered another blanket from a different company and I never received it. The company did not respond to my emails. There was no tracking number to trace the package. This company did a fantastic job of looking out for the customer. Review by Susan McGillicuddy / (Posted on 2/16/2015)
    Good quality
    I want to thank eSpecial Needs for this awesome weighted blanket! I have ordered other Sensory products before, plus this blanket. I use them for sleeping and for down time in the sensory room to assist with calming and anxiety and/or emotional outbursts. I also love that they are machine washable, so I can use them worry-free. I am now ordering one for myself to help with my own relaxation techniques! Thanks again. Review by Jill S / (Posted on 1/26/2014)
    Great blanket! Great price! We use these blankets in therapy and for calming and weighted blankets are such a key element is working with anyone with sensory processing disorders. Review by Sheryl, OT / (Posted on 8/26/2013)