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Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System

    Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System

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    Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System

    From: $385.00
    SKU# RiftonBlueWaveBathingChairAndBathingSystem

    The Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System is a modular, versatile, practical bathing system that is height adjustable and useable in the tub or shower. Ships in 2 weeks, This product will be discontinued at the end of October.



    Comfortable and adaptable, our Rifton Blue Wave Bathing System is designed to make bathing a more relaxed and pleasant experience for both the bather and caregiver. It provides a stable, cushioned yet quick-drying seat for bathing in or out of tubs and showers.

    Choose the basic bath chair, or add a tub stand or rolling shower stand for added convenience. There’s even a choice of vinyl or soft knit fabrics to meet the needs of different bathers.

    Adjustable, portable, and compact for easy storage, the Blue Wave Bathing System makes bathing simpler for caregivers and more fun and comfortable for children.

    Here is Rifton’s modular, practical bathing system that is height adjustable. Order a stand, and use the Bath Chair in the tub or for a shower. Select the pediatric bath chair system that is just the right size for your child.

    Rifton Blue Wave Bathing System Features:
    • The Blue Wave Bath Chair fits in most tubs. For the cover, order the standard vinyl-covered nylon fabric, or select the soft polyester knit option for this bath tub chair.
    • The Tub Stand is used with any size of bath chair, and lifts the bath tub chair to a convenient working height making it easier for the caregiver.
    • The Shower Stand makes the bath chair into a mobile shower chair at the perfect standing height for the caregiver, and rolls into the shower.
    Standard Rifton Blue Wave Bath Chair Features:
    • Basic Bath Chair includes cover, one chest strap, and leg straps.
    • Seat and straps are removable for easy cleaning. For more on the Bath Chair fabric choices, see Bath Chair Fabrics.
    • The Bath Chair folds flat for easy storage.
    • Height can be adjusted with child in the Bath Tub Chair. Adjustable legs raise the chair up to 7" above tub floor for easy transfers.
    • The Bath Chair Seat and Back angle adjust easily, even when occupied. For details of each size's adjustment, see Choose Size.
    • The Bath Chair on the optional Tub Stand is at the same level as his wheelchair, for easy transfers into the bath tub chair.
    • Leg straps attach to the Bath Chair frame for abduction.
    • 5-year warranty

    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

    Bath Chair Fabrics:

    • Standard Fabric - Our standard Bath Chair and Shower Chair fabric is vinyl covered nylon with webbing straps. This fabric dries faster and is more porous. Good for situations where the bath chair is just used for bathing.

    • Soft Fabric  - The soft bath chair and shower chair fabric is polyester knit - for greater comfort, especially for extreme curvature of spine. The soft fabric comes with a trunk strap that helps lateral positioning. It also has extra padding between the fabric and the bath chair or shower chair frame.
    The three sizes of Bath Chairs support a child in a sitting or reclining position. They can also be used as lounge chairs.
         1. Seat and back adjust easily, even
             when occupied.
         2. Leg straps attach to chair frame and
             hold the knees apart.
         3. Seat and straps are offered in standard
             and soft fabric.
         4. Adjustable legs raise the Chair up to 7"
             above tub floor for easy transfers.
    The Tub Stand* used with any of the three Chair sizes raises the Chair for easier transfers and convenient caregiver assistance. No tools are needed for any
         5. Both stand and chair have slip-resistant
             feet for stability in the tub.
         6. Stand legs fold fl at for storage.
         7. Quick-release locks allow chair to be 
             attached or removed from Stand.
    *The Tub Stand is not sized to fit onto the Shower Stand or another Tub Stand
    The mobile Shower Stand* used with any of the three chair sizes, holds the child for standing caregiver assistance. It has open access to help the child with showering.
         8. Sturdy Stand has long lasting, smooth 
             rolling, locking casters.
         9. Quick-release locks on Stand allow easy
             attachment and removal of Chair.
    SKU# RiftonBlueWaveBathingChairAndBathingSystem


    Rifton Blue Wave Bathing Chair and Bathing System Specifications:

    User Dimensions (Inches) Small
    Height up to 36 32-50 46-68

    Key User Dimension: Height
    Select the appropriate Bath Chair by the user's overall height. Choose the size that allows for growth.
    Important: Make sure that seat depth, width, and back height are adequate. The user’s weight must not exceed the maximum working load.
    Seat depth 13" 13" 16.5"
    Seat width 14.5" 14.5" 14.5"
    Back height 18" 25" 32"
    Seat height 2"-7" 2"-7" 2"-7"
    Seat height (incl. Tub Stand) 11"-17" 11"-17" 11"-17"
    Seat height (incl. Shower Stand) 28" 28" 28"
    Leangth of mesh area when flat 32.5" 38.5" 49.5"
    Width of base 17" 17" 17"
    Length of base when flat 30" 30" 30"
    Tub Stand height 10" 10" 10"
    Tub Stand length 32" 32" 32"
    Tub Stand width 17" 17" 17"
    Shower Stand height 21" 21" 21"
    Shower Stand length 33" 33" 33"
    Shower Stand width 27" 27" 27"
    Max working load 60 lbs. 120 lbs. 160 llbs
    Back & seat angle adjustments 0°, 22°, 45°, 67°, and 90°

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    For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.


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    I have used my chair for 16 years and have got good use out of it. I had to replace the fabric seat one time and am needing to replace the bath chair soon. This is an excellent product. Review by David J. Little / (Posted on 8/26/2013)