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    SKU# SafeStraw

    Alleviate the laborious task of manually controlling fluid intake and prevent choking with the innovative SafeStraw™ drinking aid. Sold Individually. Drinking Straws not included. SafeStraw should be used for nectar thick liquids only.

  • Great oral training tool
  • Use Thin SafeStraw (White) for thin liquids
  • Use Thick SafeStraw (Blue) for nectar thick liquids

  • Description


    Alleviate the laborious task of manually control fluid intake with the SafeStraw™, an innovative volume-limiting drinking aid for individuals with difficulty swallowing. SafeStraw should be used for nectar thick liquids only.

    The SafeStraw uses a small fluid chamber with a one-way valve and a "float" to regulate how much fluid can be sucked through the straw at one time. It delivers approximately 6.2 milliliters, or about one teaspoon, per suck and comes in two versions for both regular and thickened liquids. 

    How It Works:

    Patients with deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills have difficulty consuming liquids because of their inability to control the liquid bolus. Their pharyngeal muscles react slowly, causing the loss of fluid out of the oral cavity or aspiration. This difficulty with swallowing is often diagnosed as dysphagia and is a condition shared by over 15 million Americans. 

    The SafeStraw provides a limited bolus size by use of a fluid chamber, a one way valve and a float. As the patient sucks on the straw, fluid flows through the valve and into the chamber. When the fluid travels through the chamber to the straw, the float rises.

    After around 6.2 milliliters, the float reaches the top of the chamber and closes it off to prevent the patient from receiving more fluid. Once they stop sucking, the float sinks to the bottom of the chamber. This break gives them time to control the liquid bolus and swallow safely. Once the float has reached the bottom of the chamber, they can safely draw another batch of fluid.

    SKU# SafeStraw


    SafeStraw Specifications:

    • Delivers approximately 6.2 milliliters (about 1 teaspoon) per suck. 
    • Disassembles for easy cleaning with hot water and soap. 
    • Top rack dishwasher safe. 
    • Made in the U.S.
    • Sold Individually.
    • Thin Liquid SafeStraw is white with a white plastic float
    • Thick Liquid SafeStraw is blue with a silver weighted float
    • Thick Liquid SafeStraw should be used with nectar thick liquids only.
    • Help individuals with dysphagia and/or deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely.
    • Cuts down on manually controlling liquid intake by squeezing a straw or spoon feeding. 
    • Assists with prevention of aspiration when drinking fluids. 
    • Assists with oral motor control when swallowing liquids.
    • Discreet drinking tool. 
    • Fits in a variety of drinking containers, including caps and bottles. 
    • Great training tool.
    • One Drinking Straw Included

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Can I drink pop (soda, coke) with the SafeStraw?
    No, the SafeStraw is designed for use with thin, water-like liquids, or nectar-thickened liquids. The SafeStraw is ineffective when used with carbonated beverages or honey-thickened liquids. 
    Can the SafeStraw be cleaned?
    Yes. The SafeStraw disassembles for easy cleaning with hot water and soap or in the top rack of a non-industrial dishwasher.
    Does the SafeStraw come with a drinking straw?
    I'm sorry it doesn't not. Any 1/4" drinking straw will fit the tapered end of the SafeStraw device.