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Hard Top Comfy Cap

    Hard Top Comfy Cap

    Hard Top Comfy Cap

    SKU# HardTopComfyCap

    The Hard Comfy Cap is our lightweight protective helmet that features a compression-molded inner foam liner attached to a hard plastic exterior.



    The Hard Comfy Cap is our lightweight protective helmet that features a compression-molded inner foam liner attached to a hard plastic exterior. It offers the same comfortable fit as the Soft Top model. The liner is molded into small raised foam sections joined together with air channels between each section, much like small pillows.
    This design contrasts with other helmets that have a closed cell foam liner of a heavier, denser foam that insulates, resulting in retention of a great deal of body heat. The Hard Top Comfy Cap is extremely well ventilated, retaining limited body heat. Easy cleaning with soap and water, towel dry.
    Available in three sizes based on head circumference at eyebrow level:
    • Small 21"–21.5"
    • Med, 22"–22.5"
    • Large, 23"–23.5".
    Silver Gray liner, Cream hard shell exterior. Chin strap included. Weighs 12 oz.
    SKU# HardTopComfyCap


    Hard Top Comfy Cap Specifications:

    Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.



    (A) Circumference

    (B) Occipital

    (C) Ear to Ear


    21” - 21.5”




    22” - 22.5”




    23” - 23.5”



    Since proper fit is important for the comfort of the person wearing headgear, measurements should be determined by professional personnel.

    • Measure the head circumference (A) at eyebrow level.
    • Occipital measurement (B) is taken from eyebrow level to the back of the head at the point that the helmet is to end.
    • Over the top of the Head (C) to top of ears.

    If for some reason the measurements do not fall within the above guidelines, or if there are other considerations to be taken into account, please refer to the page for information on Custom Helmets.


    Some suggested considerations to use in helping to determine what type of helmet would be suitable for your client.

    • degree of physical activity
    • potential striking surfaces (floor, walls, furniture, etc.)
    • nature of self abusiveness
    • severity & frequency of seizures or spasticity
    • length of time worn


    While we believe that headgear can substantially reduce the risk of head injury we emphasize that there is no known device for preventing all injuries. Only you the customer are in a position to evaluate the particularized needs of the individual client in each environment. It is essential that professional and medical expertise be utilized in rendering decisions regarding headgear use.


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I measure for a helmet?
    • Measure the head circumference, measurement "A", at the eyebrow level.
    • For, measurement "B", measure from the front of the forehead to the back hair line, over the top of the head.
    • For, measurement "C", measure from just above one ear over the top of the head to just above the other ear.
    • The measurements can then be matched to the helmet that is best, helmet is closest to them.
    How can I adjust the size of the helmet for my client?
    We do include some small foam pads for a little adjustment inside the helmet. We also have The Liner Cushion that comes in 1/4" and 1/2" thickness to help firm the fit of any of our helmets.

    Does products from hard comfy cap have any latex in them?
    No, they do not. They are composed of a closed-cell poly vinyl foam.

    How do I know when a faceguard or facebar is necessary?
    Always seek medical professional advice and input.
    Product Warranty
    The hard comfy cap is covered against defects in material or workman-ship for 90 days from invoice date.