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Sensory First-Aid Kit

    Sensory First-Aid Kit

    Sensory First-Aid Kit

    SKU# F17000
    Provide calming comfort after injury with this collection of first-aid products with a sensory twist. The Sensory First-Aid Kit soothes children with sensory sensitivities in case of emergencies.

  • Features a 100-piece first aid kit plus 11 additional tools
  • Compact enough to store at home, schools, clinics, and in the car
  • Includes carry-all bag
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    The Bokawoka Sensory First-Aid Kit has been specially designed by occupational therapists to sooth and calm children with sensory concerns when accidents and injury occur. This all-in-one collection of first-aid and senory tools allows parents and caretakers to address a child's specific sensory issues as they tend to wounds. Comprehensive and compact, our sensory first-aid kit fits anywhere from a school nurse's office to the truck of your car. The included carry-all bag also allows user to take the kit wherever its needed in case of emergency.

    The Bokawoka Sensory First-Aid Kit contains:

    • a 100-piece Medipro First Aid Kit containing bandages, ointments, antiseptic wipes, gloves, cold packs, and more
    • a Wet Bag for wet or soiled clothing storage
    • one set of noiseLESS earphones to drown out loud sounds
    • one set of sunglasses in case of light sensitivities
    • one 4 lb Lap Pal Weighted Lap Pad
    • one Textured Tangle for fidgeters
    • one random small tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty for hand therapy
    • one Dry Erase board with Marker for help communicating
    • one Therapy Brush for soothing through tactile therapy
    • one Spinning Light Globe for visual tracking
    • one "Trip to the ER" social story storybook

    PLEASE NOTE: The Bokawoka Sensory First-Aid Kit may not address every injury. Contains small pieces that may result in a choking hazard. Please use under adult supervision.

    SKU# F17000


    Sensory First-Aid Kit Specifications

    The Sensory First-Aid Kit contains:

    • 1 - 100-piece Medipro First Aid Kit containing:
      • (10) kid-friendly bandages

      • (10) 3" designer bandages

      • (10) 3" sheer bandages

      • (20) 1 1/2" junior bandages

      • (2) knee & elbow bandages

      • (2) butterfly bandages

      • (2) antibiotic ointments

      • (1) sting free relief pad

      • (1) burn relief gel

      • (8) 2" X 2" gauze pads

      • (1) rolled gauze

      • (10) 3" cotton tipped applicators

      • (1) splinter remover

      • (1) instant cold pack

      • (15) sting free antiseptic wipes

      • (1) tweezers

      • (2) exam gloves

      • (1) tri pod case

    • 1 - Fluxy Oral Motor Chewie
    • 1 - 4 lb. Lap Pal Weighted Lap Pad
    • 1 - Textured Tangle
    • 1 - Small Tin of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty
    • 1 - Dry Erase Board with Marker
    • 1 - Therapy Brush
    • 1 - Spinning Light Globe
    • 1 - "Trip to the ER" Social Story
    • 1 - Wet Bag
    • 1 - noiseLESS Earphones
    • 1 - Sunglasses

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