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Nimbo Posterior Walker

    Nimbo Posterior Walker

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    Nimbo Posterior Walker

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    SKU# NimboPosteriorWalkerBasic

    Choose a competitively priced mobility aid with all the right features to advance your special needs user's walking skills with the Nimbo Posterior Walker.



    Nimbo Posterior Walker features soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow Nimbo to slide backwards. One-directional rear wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism. Pin mechanism can be disengaged to allow forward and reverse mobility. Front swivel wheels with locking mechanism easily switches front wheels from swivel to non-swivel. Each wheel is independently adjusted. Non-marring and easy rolling wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

    The Nimbo Posterior Walker supports the user from behind requiring them to procure a more upright posture and it also promotes trunk extension.

    Many physical therapists prefer posterior (reverse) walkers for children with Cerebral Palsy and other neurological, orthopedic and developmental disorders.

    Optional pelvic stabilizer measures 10”W x 9”D x 6”H and is adjustable in width from 6” to 14” and features a support belt. Height adjustable; aluminum frame. Latex-free hand grips. Folds easily.


    Pelvic Stabilizer
    The pelvic stabilizer is adjustable in width and features back & lateral pads and a support belt. It is recommended for users who have an asymmetrical posture when standing or walking and, therefore, cannot stay centered in the walker.

    Nimbo Forearm Platform

    • Constructed of lightweight aluminum.
    • Height and depth adjustable.
    • Handgrips extend forward or back, supinate, pronate and are angle adjustable.
    • Individually adjustable
    • Contoured armrest with a flexible edge.
    • Velcro® straps to prevent arms from slipping.
    • Choice of mounting positions - inside or outside of the handlebar for lateral adjustment. Spacers are included for additional lateral range.
    Armrest Length
    Height (from handlebar to armrest)
    3.5" - 4.5"
    5" - 7.5"


    Seat Harness
    The Seat Harness moves with user's gait pattern allowing the user to shift weight from one leg to the other. The straps can be lengthened, shortened and positioned towards the front or back on the walker frame. It assists in weight bearing, properly positions user's pelvis and can be used as a safety sling. It features a seat pad that provides cushioned comfort.

    Seat mounts on standard Nimbo walker. They fold up for standing and walking and down for convenient seating.

    SKU# NimboPosteriorWalkerBasic


    Nimbo Posterior Walker Specifications:


    • Aluminum Frame in bright colors.
    • Height adjustable.
    • Soft rubber wheels adhere to any surface and will not allow the Nimbo to slide backwards.
    • Can be earily used outdoors and over rough grounds.
    • 5" front and rear wheels.
    • 5" one directional rear wheels with aluminum ratchet and pin mechanism.
    • Anti-Reverse overide bracket disengages the one directional rear wheels and allows forward & reverse mobility.
    • Front swivel wheels enhance maneuverability and ease of turning.
    • Locking mechanism easily switches front wheels from swivel to non-swivel.
    • Skid resistant, non-marring and easy rolling wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
    • Latex-free handgrips with flanged ends. These handgrips offer a smooth texture grip to increase comfort.
    • Folds easily for convenient transporting.
    • 1 year limited warranty.


    Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
    Key User Dimension: Wrist Height
    Measure the vertical distance from the wrist to the floor while the
    user is standing upright. Choose the Nimbo Posterior Walker that allows for growth .

    Important: Make sure that the chest prompt width is adequate, allowing for growth. User's weight must not exceed the maximum working load.
    Handlebar height range 15.5" - 19.5" 19" - 25" 23" - 30.5" 28" - 36" 36" - 41"
    Overall width 24" 24" 26" 26.5" 29"
    Width inside handle grip 13.5" 13.5" 15" 16.5" 19"
    Depth opened at base 20" 27" 31" 34" 37"
    Product weight 9 lbs. 10 lbs. 13 lbs. 14 lbs. 16 lbs.
    Weight capacity 75 lbs.   85lbs. 150 lbs. 190 lbs. 250 lbs.

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