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AmTryke ProSeries 1412 Therapeutic Tricycle

    AmTryke ProSeries 1412 Therapeutic Tricycle

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    AmTryke ProSeries 1412 Therapeutic Tricycle

    SKU# E01767

    Provide a more traditional tricyle for kids with special needs without skimping on safety and accessibility with the AmTryke ProSeries Model 1412. Ships in 1 week. Unavailable to ship until October. 

    Each AmTryke Tricycle comes with a free helmet!

    Comes standard with standard bike pedals.

    Great for schools, clinics and rough home use (gravel roads) where having maintenance-free tires are more important than the comfort of the ride.

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    The AmTryke ProSeries 1412 Therapeutic Tricycle has a fixed drive that helps children who might otherwise have difficulty making a full-pedal rotation. The foot crank is constantly in motion for full therapeutic effect. Because coasting is not possible with a fixed-drive system, the bike stops when limb motions does. The ProSeries 1412 can also be adapted with a wide variety of seating options and accessories so that riders feel safe and secure. Available in red. Assembly required. Maximum weight is 125 lbs.

    Standard Features include:

    • 12" front and rear wheels with pneumatic tires
    • Rolled steel frame features hand-ratcheting levers which allow the sliding seat post to move closer or further from the front to accommodate a variety of rider sizes
    • Seating removes from frame for easy transport
    • Low center of gravity provides added stability
    • Fixed drive helps children make a full pedal rotation
    • Quick-release cam levers for easy handlebar adjustment
    • Safety steering limiter pin for three graduated steering options: straight, 20-degrees left/right, free steering
    • Self-righting pedals with footplate, heel trap and straps over instep and toe
    • Saddle seat with lap strap and plastic back with two chest straps
    • Four-way adjustable seating: up/down and forward/back
    • Loading brake for easy rider transfer
    • Steel wire basket
    • Safety helmet
    • Color: Red
    • NEW: Now comes standard with rear steering kit!
    SKU# E01767


    AmTryke ProSeries 1412 Tricycle Specifications

    Rider Leg Length
    (Center of Hip to Bottom of Shoe)
    Rider Arm Length
    (Middle of Shoulder to Center of Digit Crease)
    Rider Weight 125 lbs
    Rider Max. Height 42"
    Tryke Weight 72 lbs.
    Wheel Size 12"
    Frame Height (Without Seat) 13"
    Total Length (With Push Bar Add 24") 43"
    Width 27"

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