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Leckey Mygo Stander

    Leckey Mygo Stander

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    Leckey Mygo Stander

    SKU# 02-27OB414C891

    The new Leckey Mygo Stander is a 3-in-1 supine, prone and upright stander for 4 to 14 year olds, even those with up to 25 degree contractures.

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    The Leckey Squiggles Stander with Easel Base is a versatile, adjustable stander offering prone, upright and supine standing in one stander, allowing the clinician to offer standing therapy to a range of children.

    Standing is important, whether to allow gravity to assist the function of our internal systems or for reaping the benefits of weight bearing on bone and joint development.

    The formation of a child’s hip joints is particularly important. Standing can help prevent hip migration through the formation of the head of the femur and the accetabulum in the hip bone. Standing also stretches and strengthens the muscles and can encourage extension. Psychologically, standing is also important as it enables interaction with their peers at the same level.

    A few simple moves shifts the frame from supine to prone to a standing. The product design accommodates a wide range of sizes and positioning needs, making it easy to apply in multiple cases.

    The Squiggles Pivot, Easel and Mobility Bases ensure proper positioning while encouraging the child to explore their environment. The optional Mobility Base offers a choice of 24” (610mm) or 27” (686mm) quick release wheels with a depth adjustable hand rail and drum locking brakes.

    The combination of the standing support and base options including our outdoor mobile base means that kids can benefit from standing therapy in any environment. The Squiggles Pivot chassis offers a wide range of tilt incline options adjusting from vertical to almost horizontal. This enables your child to be placed in the system at their preferred angle. It has 4 lockable swivel castors which make it very maneuverable in the classroom or home. This lightweight base can fold away in seconds for storage or transportation.

    The Squiggles Easel base is a compact static base which offers angle adjustment from vertical to 70°.

    Standard Features Include:

    • A stander for children ages 1 – 5 years with moderate to complex positioning needs
    • The height, depth, width and angle of the chest positioning support can be adjusted
    • The cushioned sternum pad offers extra support to encourage extension and gives a wide range of freedom for the arms
    • Machine washable covers
    • The height, depth, width and angle of the cushion’s pelvic positioning support can be adjusted to support the child in a secure, comfortable position
    • The knee supports are individually adjustable in height, depth, angle and rotation to provide comfortable support when supine standing
    • Footplate
    • A range of optional bases are available, including an outdoor mobile base

    Leckey Squiggles Stander Features & Benefits:

    Research has shown that standing can improve bone density, motor abilities and reduce spasticity, tone and spasms.

    Pelvic Stability
    Pelvic stability is as important in standing as in sitting, because the trunk, head, and legs have to be in alignment in order for standing to be comfortable and therapeutically effective.
    The pelvis is held in a secure and stable position by the fully adjustable pelvic support, regardless of whether in an upright, prone or supine posture.
    Trunk and Head Alignment
    As in sitting, trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis in standing,  enhancing arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.
    In prone, the sternum pad offers extra support for encouraging extension, giving a wide range of freedom for the arms.
    Where minimal head support is needed, for example in an upright posture, the flat headrest cushion acts as a posterior prompt to keep the head balanced over the trunk.
    Where additional support is needed to keep the head in midline, lateral supports can be added to the headrest.
    Leg and Foot Positioning
    Active weight bearing contributes to the development of the hip joint. It is essential that legs and feet are appropriately positioned to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit.
    In order to provide bespoke positioning, the knee supports are individually adjustable in height, angle, rotation and depth, ensuring the knees are comfortable and stable whether prone or supine.
    Where additional foot stability is needed, the footplate can be fitted with sandals.
    The Squiggles Stander is designed to promote independence and function in a number of ways.
    Whether prone or upright, the tray with optional grab rail can be used to facilitate table top play whilst in the standing position.
    The deep activity tray allows for play in sand or water, while with its lid on, can facilitate table top play or feeding.
    The mobility stander option gives children the opportunity to be mobile while upright, increasing the potential for psychological and social benefits from standing.
    SKU# 02-27OB414C891


    Leckey Squiggles Stander Specifications:

    Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice for your child.

      Size 1
    Size 2
     Maximum User Weight
    110 lbs. 132 lbs.
     User Standing Height
    42.5" - 57.1" 53.1" - 66.9"
     Chest Plate Height
    29.9" - 42.5" 38.6" - 51.2"
     Hip Plate Height
    18.1" - 28.7" 24.4" - 34.4"
     Base Dimensions
    38.5" x 24.8" 44.5" x 25.6"
     Stander Weight
    48 lbs. 55 lbs.

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