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    Saddle Roll

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    The Saddle Rolls "saddle-like" seat provides stability, comfort and confidence so clients of every age and nearly every diagnosis may participate in ball therapy.


    Do you find traditional ball therapy too challenging? Then the Saddle Roll is for you.
    Why use a saddle roll? Most therapists are familiar with the benefits of ball therapy, but are often unfamiliar and then amazed with the benefits of using a Saddle Roll. Like a therapy ball, the Saddle Roll provides an ideal medium for balance training, strengthening and proprioceptive activities.
    However, unlike a therapy ball, a Saddle Roll's "saddle-like" seat provides stability, comfort and confidence so clients of every age and nearly every diagnosis may participate in ball therapy. It unique shape allows a therapist to work on activities that might otherwise be somewhat risky on a traditional therapy ball.

    Developed to help rehabilitate those with severe physical challenges, the Saddle Roll's motion is limited to forward and back and side to side. This provides greater stability than a round ball. But the Saddle Roll's shape offers advantages to just about anyone.

    Novice exercise ball users will appreciate the Saddle Roll's stability, which allows them to tackle exercises more confidently. Those with more expertise will find the unusual shape provides a welcome change from standard routines. Made by the developers of the acclaimed Gymnic line of exercise balls, Saddle Rolls sport the same durable PVC vinyl construction as their traditional cousins. Light-weight, durable and weight-tested to 660 pounds, these are an excellent dynamic alternative to foam rolls.

    The unique design allows a therapist and client to share the Saddle Roll. Or, patients can sit in the center cradle for maximum comfort and support. Color coded for easy use.


    • Critical tool in every therapy & fitness facility
    • Offers greater stability
    • Sit in the center cradle for maximum comfort
    SKU# SaddleRoll


    Saddle Ball Specifications:

    Size Color Weight LImit
     14" D x 28.5" L Green 300 lbs.
     16" D x 35" L Yellow 300 lbs.
     20" D x 39" L Orange 300 lbs. 
     24" D x 43" L Green 300 lbs.
     28" D x 47" L Red 300 lbs.
     32" D x 51" L Blue 300 lbs.

    Warranty is 30 days.


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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Are the Saddle Rolls latex free?
    Yes, the saddle roll balls are latex free.
    What size therapy ball do I choose?
    Effectively performing therapy ball activities requires careful selection of the right therapy ball size. Because personal consultations are not always possible, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other professionals have constructed several guidelines to use when selecting the proper therapy ball size for seated activities.   Read more

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    All the little's will love this toy. My 4 year old and 18 month old adore it and play with it frequently. It's durable and built to last. If you are looking for a fun toy that forces kids to be active and use their imagination, this is the toy for you!! Review by J. Zollars / (Posted on 8/26/2013)