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Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper

    Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper

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    Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper

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    SKU# BenikDynamicTrunkOrthosisVestWithZipper

    The Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper is a 2-piece body vest featuring Velcro® straps. Once the Velcro® straps are securely adjusted, the vest zips on and off.

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    The Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper is a two piece dynamic body vest is constructed of 3mm ventilated neoprene and is terry lined for comfort. Velcro® straps adhere to the Velcro®-sensitive material of the vest. Velcro straps at shoulders, sides and crotch provide for maximum adjustment. Once the Velcro® closures are adjusted, the vest simply zips on and off. The orthosis provides upper trunk support and proprioceptive input. The Benik vest front is available in all colors. The vest will provide warmth and added buoyancy during hydrotherapy and other water activities, but is NOT to be used as a life preserver.

    Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper Features:

    Velcro Sensitive Neoprene
    The outside fabric lamination is a nylon, unbroken loop material - very similar to loop velcro. By sewing hook velcro to the elastic and non-elastic straps, they can be repositioned as necessary and removed when no longer needed. 
    Ventilated Neoprene
    Some colors of neoprene material can be ordered ventilated at a slight charge. Ventilated neoprene is particularly useful for products worn in warm weather climates or for products worn on certain areas of the body where excessive body heat may be generated. Ventilation is created by perforating the neoprene before the fabric is laminated. The perforations are 1 to 2.5mm in diameter with approximately 4 to 6mm spacing. The fabric laminated to the exterior is not perforated.
    Neoprene Material Only
    Benik Corporation enjoys the distinction of being a company that specializes in team work. Although we do not claim to have any medical training, as manufacturers we consistently work jointly in team association with medical professionals. As part of this team effort, we offer medical professionals the opportunity to purchase our neoprene materials and tapes so that they may experiment in the design of products they believe may be beneficial to the patient. Our expertise in product development and manufacturing provides the source for continued production and distribution. This cooperative effort continues to be the mainstay for development of many new, innovative and theraputic products.
    Terry Cloth Lining - a new standard
    Up until a few years ago, terrycloth lining was considered an upgrade option. A support lined with terrycloth helps reduce chafing, binding, and perspiration making the support more comfortable. The popularity of this feature has since grown to include nearly 100% of our customers. Therefore, all of Benik's products are now terrycloth lined unless otherwise specified. We are pleased to make this upgrade a standard feature to our product line.
    All Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vests are latex-free.
    SKU# BenikDynamicTrunkOrthosisVestWithZipper


    Benik Dynamic Trunk Orthosis Vest with Zipper Specifications:

    Chest Circumference

    Hip to Under-Arm Length

    X-Small 16" - 20"


    Small 20" - 25"


    Medium 23" - 27"


    Large 23" - 27"


    Custom Sizes are available. Please call or email us with the measurements for the width and length dimensions.

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why Use A Vest?
    The vest is designed to be pulled snug to the clients' body, providing proprioceptive deep pressure feedback, stability and skills, evenly over the chest and waist. A new neck design also gives added support along the chest area.

    The concept of the deep pressure sensory vest is based on the sensory integration therapy technique of deep pressure. Deep pressure is often used to assist the child to self-calm and relax so that sensory stimulus can be processed. The use of a weighted vest provides the child with unconscious information from the muscles and joints.

    Children who are easily distracted, hyperactive and lacking in concentration respond positively to the "hugging" sensation a vest provides. Therapists have found that adding additional weights to the torso or shoulders of the vest may also assist with reflex maturity, body position awareness and coordination, balance, eye/hand coordination, spatial perception and hearing and speaking skills. Because of these anecdotal outcomes, many therapists working with children are recommending the use of a weighted vest.