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Fiber Optic Waterfall

    Fiber Optic Waterfall

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    Fiber Optic Waterfall

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    Surround yourself in a shower of vibrant colors and visuals with our Fiber Optic Waterfall. Mesmerizing to look at and cool to touch, this delightful visual display allow user to wrap themselves in light as it soothes. Does not included seating in photos.

  • Simple to install
  • Available in a Calming or Interactive Model
  • Perfect for any classroom, clinics, hospitals and day centers

  • Description


    Our Fiber Optic Waterfall creates a haven of changing light that stretches into infinity with 150 sidelight fiber optic strands and is simple to install into any drop ceiling. Perfect for schools, hospitals, clinics and day centers.

    The acrylic mirrored panel is mounted in a drop ceiling grid and secured to the permanent ceiling above the grid. The Fiber Optic Waterfall creates a fun and attention grabbing effect that appeals to individuals of all ages. The safe acrylic mirror on the ceiling gives the impression that the fiber optic strands continue ‘into’ the ceiling to produce a really extraordinary effect.

    The product can be either relaxing or stimulating depending on the model chosen:

    • The Calming Model provides an ideal place for children to relax by lying down and watching the colors slowly changing.
    • The Interactive Model features a wireless remote control that allows users to customize colors, brightness, and cycle speed.

    The unit contains a fiber optic light source that utilizes the very latest LED technology to produce vibrant colors that never fade, and because it’s LED, there’s no lamp to change making this unit almost maintenance free!

    Operates on low voltage with the included transformer, which plugs into a standard 110v outlet. There is no electricity in fiber optics, only light, which means the user can safely get close to the product. Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 78" Length or 118" Length. Seating in photo not included.

    SKU# FiberOpticWaterfall


    Fiber Optic Waterfall Specifications

    • Constructed with 150 sidelight fiber optic strands
    • Features a safe acrylic mirror
    • LED fiber optic lights
    • Operated with low voltage 
    • Includes a transformer
    • No electricity in fiber optics
    • Available in two models
    • Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 78" Length or 118" Length

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