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SPIO Long Sleeve Shirts

    SPIO Long Sleeve Shirts

    SPIO Long Sleeve Shirts

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    The SPIO (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis) Long Sleeve Shirt provides single-layer compression to the arms and trunk. It's best suited for children with primary sensory awareness deficits and improves fine motor control.



    This SPIO Long Sleeve Shirt provides single-layer compression to the arms and trunk. It's best suited for children with primary sensory awareness deficits and improves fine motor control. SPIO is a highly flexible bracing system made from a specialized multi-directional stretch. The Lycra-like blend of material has excellent rebound and memory so that it returns to its original shape.
    It is machine washable in mild detergent and can be hung to dry overnight. SPIO’s patented compression ratios provide a multi-directional and steady stretch tension directly to the skin and indirectly to the internal soft tissue structures. This precise compression around and toward the midline of the body provides accurate and usable deep pressure sensory information to the child’s proprioceptive feedback system, resulting in improved positional limb and body awareness, improved core muscle and joint stabilization, and increased precision of muscle activation and movement.


    • Assists with primary awareness deficits in upper extremity and trunk
    • Positive impact on shoulder/arm stability and function
    • Can be combined with pants or unitard to provide double layer compression to the shoulder, trunk, hips, and pelvis while providing single layer compression to the arms and legs.


    • SPIO shirts are standard single layer
    • 3.5" long hook and loop back neck closure (optional full back hook and loop closure)
    • Comes standard with long sleeves to provide complete coverage of arms to wrist
    • Designed to fit snug over hips

    Information about SPIO Shirts:

    • SPIO™ is made of a patented Lycra-like blend of fabric.  It has a unique multi-directional stretch which provides an enhanced rebound and "spring back" effect.  SPIO™ does not contain Latex components.  Other features of SPIO™ are:
    • Easy to use.  SPIO™ is easy to put on and adjustments are quick and minimal.
    • Affordable.  Parents find it helpful to have two sets of systems for laundering.  Because insurance will not typically cover two sets, we adjusted our prices to make them out-of-pocket friendly. 
    • Can be worn under clothes.  SPIO™ is not bulky and can be worn discretely under clothing or fashionably by itself.
    • Comfortable.  The lightweight and breathable fabric blend feels soft and cool against the skin while providing an intimate fit that moves with the child.
    • No break-in period.  From the moment you receive your SPIO™, your child can begin wearing it all day.  They may not want to take it off!
    • Allows for growth.  SPIO™ systems allow a 25% growth.  If properly taken care of your SPIO will last for years.

    **NOTE** The use of any compression-type orthotic system such as SPIO™ should be discussed with  your clinician prior to using.

    SKU# 04-15SZ


    SPIO Long Sleeve Shirts Specifications

    Fitting Tips:

    • Measure each child according to the Sizing Guidelines (see the Specification tab) for a good fit, never select a size for your patient based on eye-balling the SPIO shirt.
    • You should be able to place your hand between the child’s body (in the trunk area) and SPIO and feel significant resistance when you pull your hand away from the child’s body. Approximately an inch resistance is adequate. More and it’s too loose, less and it’s too tight.
    • When donning the shirt, make sure you have the sleeves turned properly so they are not twisted. This can cause a bad fit in the armpit area.
    • When you receive the SPIO try it on first before you decide it’s too small. It will look too small, but may not be. If it is the same size as the child’s regular t-shirt, it is too big and you are not getting any compression.
    • After donning the SPIO, watch the child’s reaction to the SPIO. If they get red marks under their arms, or on their skin at the sides, it may be too small and you will want to exchange the SPIO for next larger size.
    • If the inside seams irritate the patient, you may turn the SPIO inside out. This does not include unitards or vests.


    Size Chest Circumference
    (Measure at nipple line)
    S41 41cm/16" 23cm/9.1"
    S44 44cm/17.3" 27.94cm/11"
    S47 47cm/18.5" 31.11cm/12.2"
    S51 51cm/20.1" 35.56cm/14"
    S54 54cm/21.3" 39cm/15.4"
    S57 57cm/22.4" 45.72cm/18"
    S60 60cm/23.6" 47cm/18.5"
    S64 64cm/25.2" 50.5cm/19.9"
    S67 67cm/26.4" 56.4cm/22.2"

    Measurement Guidelines:

    • Measurements are taken with patient lying down
    • Measurements are taken in centimeters
    • If measurement is between sizes, round up in size for growth
    • High tone children may need smaller size

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the SPIO Shirt made of?
    SPIO is made of a patented Lycra-like blend of fabric.  It has a unique multi-directional stretch which provides an enhanced rebound and "spring back" effect.  SPIO does not contain Latex components.

    Who does SPIO benefit?
    The SPIO™ system appears to be most beneficial for those children who exhibit a primary or secondary sensory deficit which is impairing dynamic stability, postural activation, and movement control. We have found SPIO™ to be most helpful for children with:
    • Moderate to severe hypotonia, particularly axial hypotonia
    • Deficits in dynamic stabilization, tone fluctuations, and unpredictable movement control from dyskinesia
    • Moderate-to-severe hypertonia that is compensatory for poor deep sensation
    • Calming and organizing difficulties
    • Whole body sensory awareness deficits sensory integration challenges

    It is also typical to see improved respiratory function in children wearing a SPIO™, including decreased respiration rate, larger and more fluid ribcage expansion, improved rhythm of breathing, and an increased ability to independently cough.  Most likely, abdominal compression improves the bio mechanics of the diaphragm resulting in these findings.

    For the best outcome, great care must be exercised in the selection and utilization of SPIO™ for specific individuals. Testing the potential benefit of a SPIO™ can be done easily by using elastic wraps to acquire the motor response to increased deep pressure input.


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    The first time [Tim] wore his SPiO at school, his education assistant said he didn Review by Debbie / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    My daughter loves her SPIO shirt and pants! She wakes up in the morning asking if she can wear her "costume" today. Her walking is better, her stairs are better, even her thumb on her affected hand is so much better with the glove. I am so happy that I decided to give SPIO a chance. Review by Stacy M. / (Posted on 8/26/2013)
    Aaron is a six year old with autism, and he loves his SPIO (aka his Batman Suit)! As soon as he puts on the pants and shirt he calms down and becomes more focused. His therapist has said that he is more engaged, has better eye contact, and concentrates better with it on. One of the assistants at school said he was a different kid with it on, and I got a note home asking if it was lost because he hadn't worn it for a couple of days. He has even brought it to me so I would put it on him! I would have never thought that something like this would have made such a difference. You have to see it to believe it! Thanks so much! Review by Danielle / (Posted on 8/26/2013)