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Convaid Trekker

    Convaid Trekker


    Convaid Trekker

    SKU# ConvaidTrekker
    Go the distance in a lightweight, portable pediatric wheelchair that provides all-day comfort with the Convaid Trekker. This special needs stroller features reversible seating, 170-degree tilt, and reclining capabilities.

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  • Lightweight and easy to fold

  • For early intervention through early teenage years

  • Weight Capacity: 110 lbs

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  • Choose one free accessory for your Convaid Trekker.

    Height is reduced by 1" when used with Planar Seat Cushion or 2" if used with Contoured Seat Cushion.

    Use with Seat-to-Footplate Range 4" - 7".

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    Proudly made in USA, the new Convaid Trekker is lightweight and compact and has an improved docking interface, making it easy for you to slide the seat and lock it when you need to attach, detach or reverse the seat. Fold your Trekker frame easily into a compact and lightweight package with or without the seat and use only one hand to unfold.

    Enjoy the highly versatile seating options offered with new Trekker:  Use the Trekker seating module with the R82 High-Low indoor frame or use the R82 Stingray size 1 seat with the Trekker frame,  to meet the needs of a child’s Activities of Daily Living.

    Highlights of the New Convaid Trekker® include:

    • The easiest docking system in the market
    • One size Trekker frame TR14 accepts size 12" and 14" wide seat
    • Compatible with the R82 Stingray Seat and R82 High-Low Indoor Frame

    The Convaid Trekker is known for:

    • Lightweight and compact fold frame
    • Variable positioning of tilt and recline
    • Accepts after-market seating options
    • 180 degree reversible seating
    • For early intervention through early teenage years
    SKU# ConvaidTrekker


    Convaid Trekker Specifications

     Seat Width with Accessories 12" Seat width 14" Seat Width
     Trunk Width Between Fixed Laterals 8.5" - 12" 10.5" - 14"
    Trunk Width Between Swing-Away Laterals  6.5" - 12"  8.5" - 14" 
    Hip Width Between Hip Guides  6.5" - 11.5"  6" - 14"  



    Seat To Footplate Dimensions 12" Seat width 14" Seat Width
    Fixed 90° With One Piece Footplate 5.5" - 11.5" 5.5" - 11.5"
    Fixed 90° With One Piece Footplate (Flipped) 3.25" - 9.25" 3.25" - 9.25"
    ELR With One Piece Footplate  4.75" - 10.75" 6.25" - 12.25"
    ELR With One Piece Footplate (Flipped) 2" - 8" 4.25" - 10.25"
    ELR With Individual Footplates 5" - 11"  7" - 13" 
    ELR With Individual Footplates (Flipped) 2" - 5" 4" - 7"

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