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R82 Cricket

    R82 Cricket

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    R82 Cricket

    SKU# R82Cricket
    Don't let its simple and stylish look fool you! The R82 Cricket special needs stroller combines support, functionality, and ease-of-use into a powerhouse that focuses on the comfort of both rider and caregiver.

  • Lightweight and easy to fold with one of the smallest folding profiles around
  • Lots of comfort and support options
  • ISO 7176-19 compliant
  • Adjustable seat depth and width that grow with your child

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    With the Cricket, R82 has created a stylish and streamlined lightweight folding stroller that sacrifices none of the support and functionality your child needs when you're out and about. With lots of features that focus on simplicity, the R82 Cricket is a special needs stroller that truly has both the user and the caregiver in mind.

    For users, the R82 Cricket comes in two sizes and features a 20° fixed tilt, head supports, adjustable foot supports, and adjustable seat depth that gorws with your child. The Cricket also offers a variety of accessories and unique vest and belt supports to ensure the rider is as safe and comfortable as possible.

    For caregivers, the Cricket makes adjustments easy and tool-less so you're never unprepared when you need to make a change. Steering with the adjustable push handle is a breeze thanks to the Cricket's 360° turnable front wheels. And not only is folding a sinch, the Cricket also boasts one of the smallest folded profiles around, making it easier than ever for you to take it anywhere.

    The R82 Cricket also comes in a variety of colors with water and oil-resistant fabric that can easily be removed and thrown in a washing machine. In addition, the Cricket is approved for transportation and complies with ISO 7176-19 for safe transportation in vehicles. So don't let its simple and stylish look fool you. The R82 Cricket special needs stroller is a versatile powerhouse when you're on the go.


    • Height-adjustable push brace
    • Two head support options
    • Quick and easy back reclining
    • Lightweight aluminum frame
    • Eight fix lock options to fit the unique vests and belts program
    • Compact folding mechanism
    • Unique fabric quality with seven color options, yellow, orange, pink, grey, green red and blue
    • Adjustable seat depth
    • Foot support with adjustable height, depth and angle
    • 360 Degree turnable front wheels
    • Solid wheels with foot operated wheel brake
    • Folded profile: 14" W x 19" H x 30" L (Both Sizes)
    • Machine washable fabric
    SKU# R82Cricket


    R82 Cricket Specifications


      Size 1 (inch) Size 2 (inch)
    Effective seat width (A)  13½"  15½"
     Effective seat depth (B)  8¼-12¼"  12¼-17"
     Backrest height (C)  19¾"  22½"
     Footrest to seat distance (D)  7-14¼"  8¾-14½"
     Leg to seat surface angle  360°  360°
     Seat surface height at front edge (E)  19¾-21"  21¼-22¼"
     Back width, inside (F)  10¾"  13"
     Back width, outside (F1)  13½"  15½"
     Overall width (G)  20¾"  22¾"
     Length (H)  29½"  29½"
     Overall height (I)  39¼"  41¼"
     Backrest angle  110-125°  110-125°
     Seat plane angle  20°  20°
     Front location of armrest structure  7¾"  10¾"
     Armrest to seat distance  6¼- 7½"  6¼- 7½"
     Minimum turning radius  28½"  30"
     Folded width 14"   14"
     Folded height  19"  19"
     Folded length  30"  30"
     Required width of right angled corridor  32"  32"
     Total mass  27.3 lb  29.5 lb
     Max load  77 lb  110 lb
     Max load at transportation  59,5 lb  94.5 lb
     Static stability downhill  10°  10°
     Static stability sideways  10°  10°
     Static stability uphill  10°  10°

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