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Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller

    Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller

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    Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller

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    The Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller offers a lightweight adaptive stroller for children who require mild to moderate seating and positioning needs.

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    The Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller offers a lightweight adaptive stroller for children who require mild to moderate seating and positioning needs.

    Unlike other special needs stroller, the Stealth Lightning takes the functionality of a pediatric mobility base and incorporates it into a durable, rugged design that is easy to fold and lightweight.

    Available with a variety of seating and support options for individuals who require additional support for head, trunk, pelvis and feet.  The Lightning is manufactured using 7000 Series aluminum used in aircraft structural members because of its superb strength to weight properties. For function, performance and durability in a beautiful package, the Lightning is a strikingly bright choice!

    Lightning Stroller Comes Equipped With:

    • Durable powder coated frame in silver for easy maintenance
    • 5-point harness with lap belt and depth adjustable crotch strap
    • Removable adjustable swing-away footplates
    • Heavy duty upholstery
    • Under storage basket
    • Wheel locks
    • Heavy duty, nylon wheels with micro-cellular polyurethane
    • One piece push handle design
    • Closure strap
    • Transport handle

    Stealth Lightning Features:

    • 30° fixed tilt
    • 85°, 90°, 95° seat-to-back angle (5° increments)
    • Easy, compact-folding for storage
    • Ultra-lightweight to reduce strain
    • Comprehensive positioning
    • Multiple frame adjustments
    • Removable fabric
    • Swivel wheels for easy maneuvering in and out of tight places
    • Available in red or blue
    SKU# StealthLightning


    Stealth Lightning Special Needs Stroller Specifications

    Stealth Lightning Stroller
    11" 14" 16"

    Key User Dimension: Height
    The user's overall height is a general guide to help you select the appropriate stroller. Choose the model that allows for growth.
    Important: Make sure that seat width, depth, and distance to the footplates are adequate for each individual user.

    Seat width (between armrests) 11" 14" 16"
    Seat depth 10" - 12" 12" - 14" 16" - 18'
    Seat back height 20.25" 24" 25"
    Seat to footrest
    1" - 12" 1" - 17" 1" - 17"
    Seat to floor (based on seat depth) 20" 21" 22"
    Seat to back angle 85°/90°/95° 85°/90°/95° 85°/90°/95°
    Seat angle (from horizontal) 30° 30° 30°
    Headrest extension 6" 6" 6"
    Stroller weight (w/o front rigging)   25 lbs.   27 lbs. 28 lbs.

    Overall dimensions w/o footrest

    Front/Back Wheels
      6" / 10"  6" / 10" 6" / 10"
    Folded dimensions 19.25 x 19.25 x 25.5"
    24 x 19.25 x 27.5"
    25 x 16 x 28"
    Weight capacity (Basic) 75 lbs.   100lbs. 150 lbs.

    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I choose if the Stealth Lightning Stroller is the right for me?
    The Lightning stroller features a 30 degree fixed seat back. This means the seat back does not recline but the fixed tilt provides a comfortable position for the user but upright enough to where they can see everything in front of them. The 30-degree tilt provides increased comfort and support for children, older teens and adults who lack upper body strength and trunk control. In addition, there is an array of positioning options helps you achieve the ideal support for your child, and the patented design provides maximum comfort and durability.

    What is the difference between the Stealth Lightning and the Stealth Lightning SE?

    • Lightning - 5-Point H-Harness with Depth Adjustable Crotch Strap, Heavy Duty Upholstery, Under Storage Basket, Closure Strap, Transport Handle, Wheel Locks, and Removable Adjustable Swing-Away Footrests
    • Lightning SE - All the standard features of the Lightning, plus Headrest Pad, Padded Covers for H-Harness, Adjustable Single Flap Lateral Support with Scoli Strap, Adjustable Double Flap Lateral Support with Scoli Strap, Headrest Extension, Heel-Loop/ Ankle Cuffs, Sun Canopy and Reinforced Upholstery Stiffeners.

    What if the user cannot sit up on their own and has poor trunk control?
    For the user who needs upper body positioning, a shoulder harness or lateral supports may be needed provide the user with better trunk positioning. The Stealth Lightning offer offers a variety of trunk positioning including: 5-point harnesses with padded covers (standard feature), adjustable support flap with scoli strap.

    Does the Stealth Lightning have an option for a shoulder harness?
    Yes, the Stealth Lightning stroller comes standard with a shoulder harness with a 3-point positioning belt with depth adjustable crotch strap, creating a 5-point safety harness.

    Can I order a sun canopy for the Stealth Lightning?
    Yes, the Stealth Lightning does have an option for a sun canopy.

    How do I determine which size stroller to purchase?
    Refer to our Sizing Chart under the Specifications tab. You will need to focus on the seat depth, seat width, seat back height, seat to footrest, and weight capacity. The user's thighs should be slightly spread apart. The proper seat width measurement is decided by taking the widest point between the hips and the knees when sitting comfortably and adding about 1 to 2 inches for comfort and growth. For help with measuring and fitting the user, use our Measurement Chart or contact one of our seating specialists at 877-664-4565.

    If I have the user’s overall height or weight, will that be enough in determining the correct size?
    No. And the reason for this is that every user is built differently, it is always best to refer to the Sizing Chart on the Specifications tab. For example, if you have a user who is tall and skinny and doesn’t weigh much, they may still need to be in a larger chair due to their overall length. This is why we recommend completing the Measurement Chart and reviewing those measurements against the Sizing Chart. This will also help in selecting a stroller that will allow for growing room as well.

    Fitting Guide
    Stealth’s lightweight, folding chairs are designed to be more than just a convenient chair. Order the correct size chair by first determining the user’s height, weight and seating measurements. Properly-fitted, Stealth chairs will provide years of comfortable use. As your child grows, refer back to this Fitting Guide to adjust the dimensions of the chair.

    Correct seating and positioning encourages good posture, which in turn aids circulation, breathing and digestion. Please take the time to properly adjust the chair to fit the user. If the user is not correctly positioned, check the accessories section of this manual to see if one or more of our accessories would help to facilitate posture or consult your physical therapist. Improper seating can create problems with posture. Please consult your child’s physical therapist or doctor for additional guidance.

    Still have questions on choosing a special needs stroller?
    Visit our Special Needs Article section and click on How to Choose A Special Needs Stroller or Wheelchair.