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AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belts

    AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belts

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    AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belts

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    Keep the head and neck above water as you engage in your daily water workout or therapy routine with AquaJogger® buoyancy belts from eSpecial Needs.



    The patented AquaJogger® buoyancy belt comfortably suspends the body at shoulder level with the head and neck above water. Breathe naturally and move freely as you receive an effective, low-impact water workout. AquaJogger® belts are also great for aquatic therapy sessions. Every AquaJogger® belt comes with a Water Workout Guide, a Getting Started video and a 48" adjustable elastic belt. Available in Blue only.

    AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belts come in a variety of different styles to best fit your needs:

    AquaJogger® Classic

    The original AquaJogger® buoyancy belt, this choice is great all-around belt for most average body types. The patented arch design allows the user to engage core muscles like never before.

    AquaJogger® Fit

    This belt was designed with petite, athletic and short-waisted women in mind. The Fit still sports AquaJogger®'s patented arch design, but also features tapered sides for more comfortable and supportive fit.

    AquaJogger® Pro

    The Pro provides 30% more buoyancy than the Classic, making it the ideal swim belt for men of average body types. 

    AquaJogger® Pro Plus

    Featuring 50% more buoyancy than the Classic, the Pro Plus is AquaJogger®'s most buoyant belt. This model perfect for men with athletic builds and "sinkers,"

    AquaJogger® Shape

    AquaJogger®'s Shape belt features longer sides that distribute buoyancy more evenly around the body. This belt also has a slightly lowered arch that helps the user easily maintain vertical posture. Ideal for pregnant or fuller figured women, or for those who experience chronic lower back pain.

    AquaJogger® Shape Pro

    Featuring 30% more buoyancy than the Shape, its streamlined design is the best choice for men with wider waistlines or lower back problems.

    SKU# SKU3943


    AquaJogger® Buoyancy Belts Specifications:

    AquaJogger Foam Dimensions
    Length Width Thickness
    Classic  25 3/4"
    11 1/2"
     1 1/3"
     25 3/4"
     11"  1 3/4"
     Pro 25 3/4"
     11 1/4"
      1 3/4"
     Pro Plus  25 3/4"
     11 1/4"
     Shape 29 3/4"
     8" 1 3/8"
     Shape Pro  29 3/4"
     8"  1 3/4"


    The AquaJogger Also Features:

    • 48" Black Elastic Belt, With Quick Release Buckle For Hassle-Free Fit.
    • Soft, Durable, & Comfortable
    • Resilient Foam - Won't Absorb Water, Dries Quickly, & Resistant To Chlorine Damage
    • Supports & Strengthens The Lower Back
    • Accomodates Different Body Shapes: Belt Can Be Worn Upside Down, Or With Foam In Front Of The Body
    • Made In USA

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