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E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles

    E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles

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    E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest for Family Vehicles

    SKU# EZONAdjustableVestFamilyVehicles

    Our E-Z-ON Adjustable Vests for Family Vehicles enable the safe transportation of special needs children and adults in the upright position. Ships in 1-2 weeks.

    Looking for a push button version? Call our Customer Service Department at 1-877-664-4565 to order for both family automobile or school bus use.

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    The E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest enables the transportation of physically challenged children and adults in the upright position. It is dynamically tested and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

    The vest's back zipper closure discourages unauthorized opening or removal. Quick, 1-pull, adjustable shoulder strips permit growth. Synthetic lambs wool Sherpa Fleece Neck Pads have Velcro closure for instant access to slide buckles (neck pad not included with vest, order separately). Bar slides helps deter children from loosening adjusters. Zippers and adjustable chest and waist strips accommodate growth and heavy clothing. Contains latex in bar slides only.

    For use with family vehicles only.  Not for use on buses.

    You may use one vest in two separate vehicles. All you need to purchase is an extra tether strap, 02-27EZ100TC. A tether mount is included with the vest.

    Most standard vehicles are installed with a single tether mount per seat which works with the Tether Strap. The Locking Clip is an option in lieu of mandatory. It helps with sliding the straps of the vest through the vehicle lap belt. To use the floor mounted strap, additional tether mounts will need to be installed into the vehicle.


    Vehicle Mount Options:

    Tether Mount
    Check your vehicle manual for tether location and weight limits to use the E-Z-ON® Tether Mount. Unless noted, vehicle anchors can secure the E-Z-ON® Tether Mount. Locate your vehicle anchor. ‘99 vehicle models and newer have factory installed tether anchors.

    Secure the 2 snap hooks to the vest at the passenger’s shoulders. Attach the single tether hook to the anchor bracket and adjust.

    Adjust the tether length by pulling the web end through the tilt-lock adjuster. Lift the tilt lock to create slack in the webbing. The vest should fit the passenger snug and the tether adjusted without slack.

    When your passenger exceeds your tether anchor weight limit. It is necessary to replace the factory installed tether anchor with your E-Z-ON® hardware kit included.
    This kit is also for vehicles without a factory installed tether anchor.

    E-Z-ON® Tether Mount must be used with a vehicle belt. Lap and shoulder belts can be used with the Tether Mount with a locking clip. Securing the tether to the metal slots on the vest provides the upper body support, without using the shoulder belt.

    Attach snap hooks to D-rings or metal adjuster slots on vest. E-Z-ON® Tether Mount may be used on certain captain chairs only with E-Z-ON® Vests.

    Floor Mount

    Note: This mount requires a modification to the vehicle and includes 2 off centered anchors.

    This E-Z-ON® Floor Mount is the perfect design that safely restrains children with the E-Z-ON® Vest in family vehicles. Passengers with emotional or behavioral disorders cannot stay in a typical restraint and need a secure system that will protect them. Children who unbuckle their car seats or seat belts can endanger themselves and distract the driver. The E-Z-ON® Floor Mount used with the E-Z-ON® Vest creates a safe and secure restraint that exceeds a typical seat belt or 5 pt. car seat. This product must be used on passenger captain chairs or vehicle benches with access from the floor directly to the passenger. Hardware kit included, to be secured safely without the need of a vehicle seat belt. Slim tilt-locks makes adjustments easy for all connecting straps.

    Floor mounts can be used on certain captain chairs. Use only with E-Z-ON® Vests.

    Wheelchair Mount
    Securing the E-Z-ON® Vest to a wheelchair is easier than ever, with the new E-Z-ON® Wheelchair Mount. Tilt-lock adjusters make shortening and lengthening the mount straps easy! Cross the 2 webbing straps and wrap above both cross bars. Attach tether hook to the vest at the shoulders and the hip straps. Reduce slack in webbing and your passenger is secure!

    SKU# EZONAdjustableVestFamilyVehicles


    E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest Specifications


    Size Waist/Chest Circumference
    XX-Small 19" - 23"
    Small 25" - 30"
    Medium 32" - 37"
    Large 37" - 42"


    XX-Small, Small, & Medium Sizes Come With Crotch Straps. Crotch Straps For Size Large Are An Additional Option.


    Additional Information

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Why would you use the E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest over the E-Z-ON 86Y Universal Harness for Family Vehicles?
    The E-Z-ON Adjustable Vest offers a zip up back and most sizes offer the leg straps making it more difficult for the user to escape their seat, whereas the E-Z-ON 86Y Universal Harness only uses the lap belt. The 86Y Universal Harness was designed for vehicles that do not offer a shoulder belt or that were made before 1999.
    Can custom vests be made?
    Absolutely. We can have a custom vest made for children or adults that are over or under our standard sizes. We can do modifications for conjoined twins, infants to travel in the supine positions, those with g-tubes and many, many more. You may also have the crotch straps, wrist restraints and upper arm restraints sewn onto the vest. If you would like any of these modifications done please call us for a quote at 877-664-4565.
    Have the vests been safety tested in Canada?
    No, E-Z-ON products have only been safety tested in the United States.


    Measuring your child for an E-Z-On Safety Vest: